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What if creativity ruled the world?


Lucknerson Mervil is a Haitian-Canadian Creative Entrepreneur, Active citizen & Artist. Born in Haiti during a climate optimized for creativity to flourish alongside civic engagement, Mervil visits these qualities throughout his childhood.

Born in the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, His family eventually moved to Quebec in the early 70’s. The Creative Changemakers spends his high school years in New York, only to come back and start the mythical group RudeLuck - for which he will win numerous awards. In 2004, his activism was rewarded by being named Quebec’s Patriot of the Year by the Saint-Jean Baptiste Society. The young talent hosts the show 3950 on TV5. He also shows his versatility by successfully acting in numerous feature films and notably portraying Clopin in the musical comedy Notre-Dame-de-Paris.


He’s currently pushing the limits of his creative spirit by writing an entire production and creating a world that is coincidentally speaking of the current global events we are going through. A human 1st, “Luck” - as he’s been known in Canada for years - is now fully living in his purpose and bringing value to countless people through his entrepreneurial endeavors which have already impacted numerous lives during the pandemic. His journey is forever evolving before our eyes and what is certain is that his next moves will bring value to humanity in some way shape or form. 


Stay tuned, the 2nd act is about to begin.


Creative Entrepreneur

Let's talk about some of the humanitarian work you have done here. 


Catch up on Luck's recent interviews, podcasts, interview and more.



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